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Successful musician, Kasper Hart, returns to their small hometown on the 5 year anniversary, marking the suicide of their first love. Nostalgia, however, is not what's on their mind as they navigate past and present relationships with old friends in this emotional drama. 

Whoever said they’d quit their job the day they died really didn't know what they were talking about. The work never stops in this wacky mini-series starring not one, not two, but three grim reapers as they navigate the corporate understandings of the afterlife and what it means to truly be dead.

(Jobs of the Afterlife is intended to be at least a season of 10+ 15 minute episodes, possibly going to 2 seasons)


When Christmas fights back.

Still reeling from the recent death of his father, college dropout Simon Bracebridge returns home for Christmas on the year anniversary of his death to find that he’s the only one not in the festive spirit. Now, when suspicions and paranoia surrounding his father's death bubble to the surface, Simon must determine what’s real and what’s all in his head if he has any chance of surviving this holiday season. “Life Would Be Better Without You” is a mind-bending psychological horror that explores what happens when the happiest time of the year turns into your worst nightmare.

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After the disappearance of some of his close friends on his 21st birthday, overly cautious Issac is left to pick up the pieces of the tragedy, fueled by his misdirected motivation at the expense of his remaining loved ones and himself. Years later, lost, misguided, and frustrated, Issac is about to call it quits. But not before the lead, he’s been looking for comes knocking at his door.

I-21 is intended to have dual casting and two movie versions released. 

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